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Evan Peters at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards.
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Can this just hit 17k already? 

When I’m hammered and decide the best way to spend my time is liking everything on Facebook.

Or posting about it on tumblr.

Just let me fucking rant.

It’s really frustrating seeing kids my age (give or take), getting so much help from their parents. Yeah, I understand your life is so difficult. Your parents help you with everything. All that’s expected of you is that you get your shit together and make good on the opportunities your parents have given you. Meanwhile, because my parents have thrown all of their efforts into my older brother and in preparation for my little sister, I’m doing everything on my own. My parent isn’t a business owner who can throw me a job. I have to apply to the 2 places that aren’t 40 minutes away from me (shout out to mom and dad again for the place of residence.). And when I don’t get hired at those two places, it literally puts the rest of my life on hold. Because the only way I pay for the things that need paying for (drivers Ed, car, college applications, college itself, gas to and from work, SAT testing fees, etc.) is if it’s my own money. People my age are worried about life without the help and assistance of their parents? That’s all I’ve known. Meanwhile my older brother gets life handed to him and so does my 14 year old sister. So I get to foot all of the worry and strain. You know what, I’ve never posted something like this before. I hate bitching. And I hate blaming my problems on other people. But what the fuck. You fuckholes are freaking out about how you’ll cope when you have to be a fucking adult in June? How you’re going to handle all of the responsibility? Try doing it your whole life, knowing that all of your family’s resources are reserved for your brother. And that you just have to try scrape up whatever you can to live. Try handling that knowledge at age 10 and see how you cope. Fuck you all. Fuck your college funds, fuck your jobs that are so difficult, fuck your parents “only going halfsies on your car”, fuck you expecting them paying your drivers Ed, fuck you all.